Monday, December 29, 2008


Trust me i can keep the list of all the food i eat this last week but will be neverending, Jesus, how is posible to eat that much and lets not talk about cerveza and tequila.

The last week was just great we had so much fun and the funny think was that i just keep thinking about new years with mis padres, that will be a blast too.

i haven't work in any painting this days but i had some ideas i want to sketch for future work, its so funny how the brain work, i want to do so many things and if i dont write them i will forget.
anyway i had to go, its almost new year, i think my only resolution is a healty family, i can't get in to more resolutions because will never finish. feliz ano nuevo a todos.
(this picture of my bella wife and myself was shot in Rome at San Peter Plaza, one of my favorite pics.

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