Monday, October 26, 2009

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Anthropology Museum

I just deliver this piece to the Museum for the VIVAN LOS MUERTOS EXHIBIT.

Lookng forward to see you guys there.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Calvin Charles Gallery Exhibit / live painting.

IMACULATA 5'BY 8' oil over italian plaster on canvas

MONJAS DE RIOJA II oil on italian plaster on canvas

So the exhibit was PERFECTO!!

I can't belive all the people that walk in the gallery to check my art@ Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale. gracias gente. new people, old friends, new friends, we just enjoy and talk art for 4 hours, great wines (from my own cellar) from Latin America. and all this people, where do they come from? I DON'T CARE, Ireally love it. then Saturday I when and paint live at the gallery , we had a good crowd, and I invite this girl to paint with me, I meet her parents at the opening and they told me Madison love art, so I invite her, she was at there at time and so profeccional, this cute girl can paint and this Thursday (October 1th)I WILL BE THERE PAINTING LIVE again @ 5.00 pm-9.00 pm
Looking forward to see you guys there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Man, me voy a cansar,

I need to finish my studio remodelation to be aBLe to finish the collection for Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale, thanks God i have allready the art for the exhibit in Tucson.
A week ago I got an invitation to be part of this great exhibit at hte Museum Of Mesa AZ. this will start Sept. 11th. Then the 24th I will have the Calvin Charles gallery exhibit in Scottsdale, then I will get really busy with day of the death @ Xico Inc. Botanical Garden AZ. Chimmaya in EL LAY. The one @ Tucson, then the Spanish Market @ the heard Museum. after that Chimmaya in December, and then NO exhibits until February to be able to get the collection 2010 for Calvin Charles. Hijole Man, thats a big bless, and to think that I want to get in to Santa fe art market....did I mention my Bella wife is specting our first baby by December?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

calvin charles gallery friends

Veronica vlzdhvas;hvs[ijhaspuohf


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Is amazing the creativity of all this people i love it, we spent todo el saturday printing and talking art, new artists, veteranos all together, so many ideas and a lot of pressure to finish all the ideas in mind, so here's some of the pictures from that day. disfrutenlas

Working in los charros print
ready to finish la monja y tinto

working in Madonna y cruz

Working in Micaela print

Micaela print

Micaela print

Micaela print


Maestro Manje and I.
remember allways agale caso a tu teacher, i had some mistakes because i didn't

Cristina Cadenas from Tucson, grat artist and Armando, my parner in crime that day he got some cool ideas man.

working in the gold leafing

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sorry i been muy busy but i will upload pics from the second printing session sson also from the live painting show at Xico gallery.

Yesterday i got a call from in Scottsdale to represent them at a latino event in september. i let you know soon. shhhh its a secret!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here;s some pictures from the Printing session, I say sometimes you learn from the best because that day the teacher was MAESTRO MANJE,his dedication and wisdom in the printing art is amazing, besida that i was around some of the best artist in town, people i admire and respect. like i say before SOMETIMES YOU LEARN FROM THE BEST.
This was my first print, i was very nervioso about it because i wanted to give una buena impresion.
15 minutes later ......

.this is the scary part, because ur will see how you did....

Ilike it, but i like it more when Joe Ray told me he like it too.

Then here's the beginning of my frida,

this one i want it to do it so bad, because once you get it done the first one you just want to make another, so many ideas fly in your head and ur heart.

so many details so lil' time.

here's the first one.

u like?

and here's the secont one and my favorite because i use gold leafing over a blue color

I can wait for this Saturday. will be perfect, first printing all day and then Paquiao fight.