Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here;s some pictures from the Printing session, I say sometimes you learn from the best because that day the teacher was MAESTRO MANJE,his dedication and wisdom in the printing art is amazing, besida that i was around some of the best artist in town, people i admire and respect. like i say before SOMETIMES YOU LEARN FROM THE BEST.
This was my first print, i was very nervioso about it because i wanted to give una buena impresion.
15 minutes later ......

.this is the scary part, because ur will see how you did....

Ilike it, but i like it more when Joe Ray told me he like it too.

Then here's the beginning of my frida,

this one i want it to do it so bad, because once you get it done the first one you just want to make another, so many ideas fly in your head and ur heart.

so many details so lil' time.

here's the first one.

u like?

and here's the secont one and my favorite because i use gold leafing over a blue color

I can wait for this Saturday. will be perfect, first printing all day and then Paquiao fight.

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