Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Calvin Charles Gallery Exhibit / live painting.

IMACULATA 5'BY 8' oil over italian plaster on canvas

MONJAS DE RIOJA II oil on italian plaster on canvas

So the exhibit was PERFECTO!!

I can't belive all the people that walk in the gallery to check my art@ Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale. gracias gente. new people, old friends, new friends, we just enjoy and talk art for 4 hours, great wines (from my own cellar) from Latin America. and all this people, where do they come from? I DON'T CARE, Ireally love it. then Saturday I when and paint live at the gallery , we had a good crowd, and I invite this girl to paint with me, I meet her parents at the opening and they told me Madison love art, so I invite her, she was at there at time and so profeccional, this cute girl can paint and this Thursday (October 1th)I WILL BE THERE PAINTING LIVE again @ 5.00 pm-9.00 pm
Looking forward to see you guys there.