Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Man, me voy a cansar,

I need to finish my studio remodelation to be aBLe to finish the collection for Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale, thanks God i have allready the art for the exhibit in Tucson.
A week ago I got an invitation to be part of this great exhibit at hte Museum Of Mesa AZ. this will start Sept. 11th. Then the 24th I will have the Calvin Charles gallery exhibit in Scottsdale, then I will get really busy with day of the death @ Xico Inc. Botanical Garden AZ. Chimmaya in EL LAY. The one @ Tucson, then the Spanish Market @ the heard Museum. after that Chimmaya in December, and then NO exhibits until February to be able to get the collection 2010 for Calvin Charles. Hijole Man, thats a big bless, and to think that I want to get in to Santa fe art market....did I mention my Bella wife is specting our first baby by December?

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