Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Year

Feliz Ano Nuevo mi Gente.

Ijust Comeback from my parents and think i'm still full, like any other year we will try to eat more least for a week, beside i'm allready thinking what to eat this next sunday for the 24 show in Fox.

Well, the good news is that i have arount 15 new wood pieces ready to paint for the FOMA show in February, this ones beside the canvas i will start this weekend after i stop to paint a mini mural at Chicanindio Gallery in Chandler.

this 15 pieces my dad just carve are just bellisimas, i can't wait to start on them, i will post some pics in a near future.

i'm still looking for a gallery in Santa Fe NM. i really want to have some of the art there.

anyway i have to go see ya manana.

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